A great review from School Library Journal has joined the others received by Glitter Everywhere! Where It Came From, Where It’s Found & Where It’s Going (written by me, illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat, and published by Charlesbridge). Here’s a bit of what they say:

“This nonfiction expedition into the history of glitter aims to, if not necessarily warm librarians up to it, at least help make plain its origins. Barton approaches the twinkling topic from a multitude of angles. He writes about iridescence in the wild. He provides a brief bio of the inventors of “flitter,” its name before “glitter” was coined. And he informs readers about biodegradable and edible versions of an otherwise nearly indestructible plastic material. … [T]his is a super accessible and fun deep dive into a craft staple. Full of fun facts for every collection.”

If you’re an SLJ subscriber, you can read the entire review here.