It’s not just for S

Yesterday I brought home 1,341 pages worth of history on the U.S. Army Signal Corps during WWII. I’m looking for what will probably amount to a paragraph or two (if that) on the wartime use of Day-Glo. Wish me luck.

I spoke with my editor yesterday and got a little more direction on my revisions. It occurred to me mid-conversation that I have not been truly edited in, what, 12 years? Maybe less, but not by much. I wonder if I still remember how to get edited?

I received a rejection for a picture book from one of the Big Houses yesterday, but a good rejection — Category 1, according to my proprietary system for rating these things. I’d had no previous contact with the editor (the manuscript had been passed along by someone else at the imprint), but she still took the time to provide examples of what wasn’t working for her. That sure beats the Authorgram I received last month for the same manuscript…