I’m not wild about receiving surveys after seemingly every interaction (“How was that printer paper, Chris?”), but I do love sending them out after my author visits and studying the feedback from the schools that host me.

Here are a few highlights from my 2022-23 author visits—and an invitation for you to get in touch if you’d like me to visit your school in 2023-24!

“What was the most valuable or beneficial aspect of Chris’ presentation?”

I liked the fact that Chris explains that being an author means a lot of rewriting. That is a valuable lesson students need to hear.

Our students are in the middle of working on a research unit. Chris’ information on his approach to the research process was valuable and immediately applicable for their own work.

I love that he has real pictures of himself as a child and talks about his personal life. Our campus demographics are such that students don’t often see themselves past high school. To be able to see him as a kid, hear him talk about how many times his first book was rejected, and how hard he works on one book and it isn’t always done in a year—that shows students you have to have perseverance in so many ways.

Chris was so flexible with all of our questions and requests. He worked to connect with each age group.

“Were there any moments that stood out as particularly memorable?”

Everything about his visit was memorable! The highlight is the time and attention he took to autograph every single book (there were easily over 80 at my school)! He was wonderful as he was interacting with each of those students as I took their picture with him signing their books.

Chris did an amazing job speaking with the students. He really spoke to each grade level appropriately.

Chris kept the audiences engaged and interested. I loved how many students brought their own writing to show him.

Chris has been to my campus before and there is always that one kid that wants to linger and visit after the presentation. Chris does this with such grace and kindness. And for me… that is the kid that is often a reluctant reader and to meet a famous author just sends a profound message about how worthy books are.

“For better or for worse, what stood out about the feedback that you received after Chris’ visit?”

Everyone stated it was a great presentation and made comments about the engagement of students. This visit received more positive comments than anything I have done this year! Staff members asked for a repeat!

The kids loved seeing his books around our library. The kids thought he was funny. They talked about writing after he left. Amazing!

The students wanted to read more of his books—they were all checked out after he left!

The time of his presentation was perfect, the visuals were great, the students and teachers loved his Q&A and friendly personality—so, everything!