My family’s long-planned Inks Lake camping trip went south this morning when we found our tent sitting in an inch-deep puddle, with no obvious end to the rain in sight. We headed for home, only to find that our dishwasher was making a lake of its own.

What could salvage such a day? This review of The Day-Glo Brothers, from blogger Pink Me:

Chris Barton’s author’s note reminds me of that scene in Working Girl when Melanie Griffith hauls out a Page Six clipping to explain just how she got the idea that the Big Investor might be interested in buying a radio station. Barton read Bob Switzer’s 1997 New York Times obituary and realized that the story of Day-Glo paint was one that he wanted to tell.

You get the feeling that he had to explain that in some detail to the publisher when he proposed this, his first book. I would bet that Day-Glo, to most people, is just kind of an annoyance that we’ve learned to live with because it saves lives, and as long as we avoid Spencer Gifts, we don’t have to deal with it much. Just saying: it might not seem like the most captivating subject at first blush.

And there we would be wrong.