I don’t think there’s any post I could write that would be long enough to fully express my gratitude to everyone who in 2010 has made me feel so truly fortunate to be a writer of books for young readers, so I’ll do it with a short one.

If you’ve read one of my books this year, or read one of my posts here, or invited me to speak to your students, or critiqued one of my manuscripts, or offered encouragement or advice, or let me know the effect one of my books has had on a child you know, or helped in any way to bring my books into the world and get the word out about them, or done any of the innumerable, too-often-overlooked things that help keep me and other creators of children’s books going — thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope your year ends on a wonderful note, and that you experience an even more wonder-filled 2011.