It’s feeling more like a week and a half, if you ask me. Maybe more.

Before I started prepping for San Antonio, I was humming along in my efforts to get Smith into shape by a February 13 deadline. Then I started making arrangements for this and that, and work on the revisions dwindled.

They still haven’t picked back up to my satisfaction. There have been notes to decipher, follow-up e-mails to write, F&Gs to staple so that Sky Boys doesn’t get mixed up with Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!, and so forth. I’m off my exercise schedule, and I haven’t been getting to read anything in the evenings beyond the boys’ bedtime stories.

Not that I’m complaining. Much. Mostly, I’m just trying to imprint on my own brain that there’s a lot more to these conferences than the days I’m actually there, and that next time I’ll need to keep in check my expectations for how quickly I’ll recover.