I wrote that one-line summary of my day right before going to bed last night, and drifted off mulling over those many good parts and wondering if I’d possibly remember them all in the morning.

Well, I do, and I want to keep on remembering them, so I’m writing them down.

  • Slept in (by my standards)
  • Wrote something new and fun
  • Worked out
  • Conferenced via Skype about a picture-book-writing workshop I’ll be teaching in June
  • Met a friend for what turned out to be merely Tex-Mex Lunch (and Terrific Conversation) #1
  • Signed a fresh crop of copies of Shark Vs. Train at BookPeople
  • Dropped in to visit a friend and ended up having Tex-Mex Lunch (and Terrific Conversation) #2
  • Settled into a favorite coffee shop for additional (and highly enjoyable) work on that new-and-fun piece and that upcoming workshop, plus an answer-packed reply to an inquisitive letter from a fan of The Day-Glo Brothers
  • Did a satisfying volunteer shift for Austin Resource Center for the Homeless alongside workers ranging in age from 2 years old to 60 or so, among them — as delightful as it was unexpected — a children’s librarian
  • I realize now that there was still more I could include in that list, but I’ve got a new day to get on with.