Though I’ve been busy this past week wrapping the final draft of my YA nonfiction project for Dial and gearing up for next weekend’s (now sold-out) Austin SCBWI conference, I’ve also been paying some attention to the kind things that folks have been saying about The Day-Glo Brothers since last Monday’s Big News from Boston.

A few of my favorites have come from:

BookMoot: Sometimes it is personal
I’m afraid I may now be on the hook to pay more attention to conference-goers’ shoes than comes naturally to me.

Original Content: I Can’t Believe It! I Know Another Award Winner!
Until Gail said so, I hadn’t realized quite how long the whole name of the award is. I think I’ll stick with “Sibert Honor” so I don’t pass out in the middle of trying to get all the words out.

How To Be A Children’s Book Illustrator: ALA honors for Austin authors
You read that right: All three Austin authors with ALA-honored books, plus Caldecott Honoree Marla Frazee, will be on the faculty for next Saturday’s conference.

Unabridged: ALA Midwinter in Boston
Why didn’t I think of Day-Glo cupcakes?

But my absolute favorite thing online this past week is on page 17 of last Monday’s Cognotes, the ALA’s conference newspaper. In the bottom-right photo, check out who that much-lauded lion is checking out…