Three-year-old F fell asleep last night before I could finish reading him his bedtime story, James Thurber‘s Many Moons (with the original, Caldecott-winning illustrations, though I much prefer Marc Simont‘s redo).

Luckily, I was able to make it to the end of the story — and read the first half all over — because 8-year-old S decided he wanted Many Moons (an old favorite of his that we hadn’t read together in years) for his bedtime story, too. It really made me appreciate this period — however long it lasts — in which both boys can enjoy the same books, and having their dad read them out loud.

Speaking of books they both enjoy, Tom Lichtenheld‘s What’s With This Room? and Emily Jenkins and Tomek Bogacki‘s Five Creatures are mutual favorites of late. What’s really charming is hearing S read them to F, struggling through the parts where he’s laughing too hard to get the words out coherently.

It makes me wonder: Those of you with children, or with easy access to them, what are your favorite child-to-child readalouds?