After S’s piano lesson on Saturday, we stopped by Greg Leitich Smith‘s book signing for Tofu and T.Rex. Cynthia Leitich Smith, Don Tate and Varian Johnson can give you a better sense of what the signing was like — S and I spent most of our relatively brief time in the store:

a) waiting 10 minutes for the bottle of lemonade I had promised him,
b) reading Detective LaRue, and
c) listening to Hank Williams’ “Move It on Over” on headphones in the CD section.

So while I did get to visit with a few folks, I barely got to say hello to Greg and Cynthia, and we were gone before Don and Varian made it by. Still, you can’t beat lemonade, Mark Teague, and Hank.

I’d been wondering for a while how a book signing or an SCBWI meeting would go with S in tow. And now I know.

Black Light Experimentation Update:

Mentholatum fluoresces white under ultraviolet light. New-Skin glows a pale yellow — at least until it eats through the Styrofoam plate. No wonder that stuff stings.