When I visit schools for a presentation on The Day-Glo Brothers, I wear a daylight-fluorescent green tie, just to make sure there’s visual example right up front of what the book is about. Well, imagine my surprise and delight this week at Barton Hills Elementary when the “Guest” sticker I received in the school office matched my tie exactly. (I’m glad I didn’t go with the Fire Orange tie.)

I enjoyed more of those same feelings this week when I saw two new blog posts about the book. I’m so grateful that this book resonates with folks enough for them to take the time to write about it. It truly is an honor.

From Margaret Perry at Little Lamb Books:

The Switzers created something that drastically changed the way we live all because of natural curiosity and experimentation. If that’s not a story we want to tell our children, then I don’t know what is.

And from Cybils judge J.L. Bell at Oz and Ends:

One reason I thought The Day-Glo Brothers stood out even more from other good nonfiction picture books is that it’s the first popular book on its subject. It required original research from private sources and old articles. It had to explain unfamiliar science about “daylight fluorescence.”

Thanks, Margaret and John!