With our monthly U.S. history reading, seven-year-old S and I have made it back to the 20th century — while technically we’re covering 1875-1925 this month, most of the books I’ve picked fall into the latter half of the period.

Without much ado, here’s what I’ve brought home:

There are a few notable omissions from this list, including S’s year-round favorites from The Great Brain series; books we’ve read and enjoyed in previous years that I chose not to repeat this time around (What Charlie Heard, Locks, Crocs & Skeeters: The Story of the Panama Canal, Call Me Ahnighito, Model T: How Henry Ford Built a Legend); and a couple of newly published ones that I wasn’t able to get my hands on easily enough to suit me: Klondike Gold and Maggie’s Amerikay.

And how, you may ask, can I overlook the San Francisco earthquake during this 100th anniversary year of hullabaloo? Well, we read Earthquake in the Early Morning last year, and Deborah Hopkinson has a forthcoming novel set amidst the quake, and I hope to read that one with a certain fan of her Prairie Skies series.


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