I just saw this year’s ranking of America’s Most Literate Cities, and I’d like to congratulate Austin for rocketing up 6 notches, from 22 to 16. (Can you tell I had an unhealthy boyhood obsession with the Billboard singles chart?) It helped that internet resources were factored in this year.

I’d love to see a similar ranking of America’s Most Children’s-Literate Cities, one with more weight given to spending on children’s materials at the public libraries, to children’s bookstores, etc. One could argue that having a strong SCBWI chapter or locally based children’s publisher makes for a more children’s-literate city, but I think it probably just makes things more fun for some of us adults.

San Francisco ranked #1 in the bookselling component, but I wonder how that city would fare in a survey of children’s lit friendliness, especially in the future, considering this report on NPR yesterday.