Editorial feedback on the fully sketched revision of S.V.T. that Tom Lichtenheld and I have been collaborating on for the past month and a half, which included an entire day spent together here and here.

Several Impostor-ish items on request through Interlibrary Loan. Would-be lenders, please feel generous…

A completed design for my full-fledged web site. What I’ve seen so far looks so good that I can’t wait to show off the rest.

My first hardcover copy of The Day-Glo Brothers.

Time to work on an editor’s requested revision of P.O. — a manuscript once referred to by another editor as “the bomb.” (Too bad she’s left the business.)

Editorial judgment on my two newest manuscripts, J.R. and Bell.

An update to a previously announced contract.

The right time to announce the update to that previously announced contract…