I’m always waiting on something, but at least — for the most part — I’m waiting on different stuff than I was last time. Including:

A few text corrections in the otherwise amazing-looking galleys for Shark Vs. Train.

My next meeting to discuss the new title and the graphic approach that my editor and I will be using for my upcoming YA nonfiction book with Dial Books for Young Readers.

Reactions to the review copies of The Day-Glo Brothers now making their way out into the world.

Word from an editor on the (fingers crossed) next step for my well-received revision of my manuscript P.O.

Submissions of a couple of biography manuscripts, just as soon as the right editors are identified.

Feedback from my agent on a third biography manuscript.

Bolt-from-the-blue inspiration for a new picture book manuscript I’m working on. Failing that, actual work on the thing. By me, I suppose.