I’m waiting to hear from Charlesbridge about how the illustrations for The Day-Glo Brothers are progressing.

I’m waiting to hear from various editors who have manuscripts for a middle-grade biography, a picture book biography, and a picture book series (or perhaps graphic novel), plus a proposal for another picture book biography.

I’m waiting to hear from my agent about the two new picture book manuscripts I just sent her.

I’m waiting to hear from one friend who is voluntarily doing some sketches for that perhaps-graphic-novel.

I’m waiting to hear from another friend who is also having a look at one of those new picture book manuscripts, though I really shouldn’t, since I told her it was purely for her reading pleasure, and I meant it.

I’m waiting to see whether seven-year-old S will discover Kid Blink Beats the World and A Full Hand, the final arrivals (as of yesterday) for this month’s history reading.

I’m waiting to receive some catalogs and nonfiction review copies that a couple of publishers said a few weeks back that they’d send.

I’m waiting to find out more about the panel I’ll be on during next month’s conference.

I’m waiting to figure out what I’m going to submit to my critique “group” for next Saturday.

I’m waiting to resume work on my marketing database for Day-Glo until I’m a little closer to my spring 2008 publication date.