It’s been a while since my last update along these lines, so the answer must be “not much.” But since I just met my final deadline of the year — three new sample profiles with which Pasta‘s publisher will try to tempt potential illustrators — now seems like a good time to get my head clear on what’s next:

Making copies of the many, many Lomax materials currently in my possession (Austin-area libraries and Interlibrary Loan have been very good to me) before I go out and get any more. And with an April deadline looming, I really ought to just stop gathering materials for a while, make sense of what I’ve got, write what I can, and then see what holes in my research still need to be filled.

Saying “no.” I’m full for 2008. Can’t take on anything else. Not that other folks are asking me to take on a bunch of other things — most of the opportunities that I’ll need to say “no” to will originate within my own head.