Making my way through the latest Carnival of Children’s Literature at Midwestern Lodestar (and belatedly welcoming those folks who got here through there).

Making my way through the March edition of The Edge of the Forest. The reading is fast, by the way — it’s the reader that’s slow.

Making my way (noticing a theme here?) through that stack of YA and middle grade novels I brought home a couple of weeks ago. I finished Inexcusable and Absolutely, Positively Not (which wasn’t in the original stack but quickly found its way to the top) and am now about 1/6 of the way through Out of Patience.

Mapping out the must-visit booths at the Texas Library Association conference in a couple of weeks. I definitely won’t want to miss them or them.

Enjoying this momentary lull between active writing projects. How long before it makes me go all twitchy?