I had a lot of good stuff going on in my writing world this past week. Some of the highlights, real quickly-like (what with this being a holiday weekend and all…):

  • I had cheese enchiladas with Clint Young. You should pay attention to him. I hope you already knew that you should pay attention to cheese enchiladas.
  • I got my S.V.T. revisions turned in early, and there was much rejoicing. Nine-year-old S and four-year-old F still think it’s a riot.
  • After months of effort, I got the phone number of a key source for one of my nonfiction projects. Now, if I can actually get hold of the guy…
  • My new business cards touting The Day-Glo Brothers arrived.
  • I started getting my author C.V. together. Party on.
  • Some friends in the Austin children’s writing and homeschooling communities came through in a huge way when I asked a few questions about author visits.
  • I finished reading Helen Hemphill’s unputdownable The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones and moved on to A.M. JenkinsDamage, at the persistent (and much appreciated!) urging of my friend Debbie Gonzales.
  • Did I mention the enchiladas?