The latest in a series from me and Jennifer Ziegler, part of it here, and part of it there.

Jenny: Tell me about an unusual hobby or craze/preoccupation you have or had at one time.

Chris: Well, if by “unusual hobby” you mean near-obsessively listening to American Country Countdown every Sunday for a long stretch in the early and mid-1980s and keeping detailed notes about chart positions and movements of singles such as Merle Haggard’s “Let’s Chase Each Other Around the Room” (a #1 hit!) and “Redneck Girl” by the Bellamy Brothers (ditto!) and even persuading my sainted mother to listen and maintain the log on my behalf while I was on a month-long road trip with my grandfather, then, yes, I suppose you could say that I once had an unusual hobby.

But if you’re talking about, say, collecting archived recordings of American Country Countdown broadcasts from the early and mid-1980s, the answer is no. I haven’t done that. Yet.