Whatever else 2007 may have in store, it doesn’t look like I’ll be spending much time ginning up ideas for writing projects. Instead, I’ll just need to figure out which one to pursue next.

I’ve gotten encouraging editorial news lately on several of the projects I’ve got in circulation. Revision notes are supposedly forthcoming for both the James and Smith manuscripts. My Pioneers proposal has elicited interest in seeing a complete manuscript. And my Pasta proposal has met with a request for an additional couple of chapters.

On top of those are a trio of nonfiction projects that haven’t been pitched to any editors yet (including J.R.) but which I’m itching to tuck into, along with long-on-the-drawing-board ideas for a couple of middle grade novels.

This is a happy situation to be in. I vividly remember a loooooong period a decade or so ago when I wanted badly to write something but had no clue as to what, or even any idea about how to figure that out. I sure don’t miss that feeling.