It’s been one busy week for Can I See Your I.D.? and me. In addition to the interview with Peter Salomon and the AuthorBuzz giveaway, there was this review of the book by Carol Hampton Rasco, president of Reading Is Fundamental:

It is a reading experience that held my attention to the end; and young people to whom I have given the book report they could not put it down until they finished it! Some have even admitted they really don’t like to read, but these were little stories that made them want to read more about those clever people…and that is yet another gift you have given readers, especially the reluctant ones we often face, Chris Barton! Thank you.

You’re welcome, Carol!

I also wrote about Can I See Your I.D.? and Shark Vs. Train in a guest post on the wonderful-beyond-words Cynthia Leitich Smith’s Cynsations:

They’re both pretty indicative of the sorts of writing I like to do — unbridled silliness on one hand and carefully researched truth-telling on the other. And both lend themselves to school-visit presentations that I personally find to be a whole lot of fun — roaring GRRRRR! and CHUGRRR-CHUG! for the former, and for the latter recounting the story of how 16-year-old New Yorker Keron Thomas (nearly) got away with impersonating an A train motorman for three hours.

I also spent some time on — not in any sort of official authorial capacity, but as a shopper for giveaways (see above photo) for my May 14 launch of Can I See Your I.D.? at Austin’s BookPeople. If you’re one of the first 30 people there, well, if the disguise works, we’ll have no way of knowing…