I’ve always expressed myself better through writing than through speaking, but today I don’t have a choice. Allergies or something have left me with laryngitis these past couple of days.

It wasn’t so bad yesterday — in fact, being forced to whisper in the daylong presence of a 6-year-old is pretty therapeutic. But today I’ve got calls to make.

I need to call a couple of Day-Glo sources to get a couple of questions answered for my editor.

I need to call a color scientist who has agreed to review the manuscript.

I need to call the shop where I’ll be renting the P.A. system for next month’s conference.

And I need to call the editor who had such good news for me six weeks ago so I can find out the latest, if there is any.

I don’t think those calls are going to get made today. Which means I’m forced to write. Such a pity.