It’s about the time, not the money

I used to not want to part with 15% of my earnings as a writer. Now, my attitude has shifted slightly, to “Take it! Please, please, please, just TAKE IT!!!”

That’s because I can spare 15%. What I can’t spare is time. It’s all accounted for, thank you. Between researching, writing, revising, manuscript critiques, Austin SCBWI activities, and, of course, blogging — not to mention all those elements of my non-writing life: my family, my salaried job, my commute, sleeping, exercising, cheese enchiladas — making time for submissions and all that they involve has become nigh on impossible.

A good agent who can give me back a little of my time in exchange for a 15% cut sounds like a better deal every day.

Next: 100% of a dollar is nice, but 85% of $1.20 is even better