If you, like me, are a white American, then you, like me, do things that support our racist system.

Consciously or not, intentionally or not, we routinely do these things — and we accept these things — in part through a lack of awareness of experiences other than our own.

Through unawareness of experiences other than those of our families.

Through ignorance of experiences other than those of our neighbors, other than those of what we choose to define as our communities.

The good news is that it has never been easier for us to become more aware, and less ignorant, of other people’s perspectives.

Even better: We have the time and tools to do so. To listen, to watch, to read. To seek out antiracism resources, and give them our attention.

This one is my favorite. You can start with it, or search* for lists that feature it and select another recommended book, or article, or show, or podcast instead.

I’ll be doing that myself today. Because I, like you, have work to do.


*For example:

“so you want to talk about race” + antiracist + list

Just paste that line right into your search window.