Upon hearing of a friend’s plan to listen to Terry Pratchett audiobooks during all 24 hours in the car on an upcoming road trip, I flipped to the Pratchett interview in The Wand and the Word. I love this exchange with Leonard Marcus:

Q: Do you have a daily work routine?

A: I assume that what I’m doing is writing all the time–even though I’m actually doing something else. When you are stuck and you go out into the garden to pull weeds, you are still writing. Part of you is. … [W]riting isn’t just sitting in front of the keyboard, although that’s a fairly vital part of the process. You’re still being a writer when you are reading or making notes, or just enjoying yourself.

Weeding, reading, and making notes? Check, check, and check. I think I’ve just quadrupled my productivity so far this week.