By Willie Nelson, Bobbie Nelson, and Chris Barton

Illustrated by Kyung Eun Han

Publishers Weekly: “A personal-feeling family story that firmly reinforces the power of music as connective tissue in two country stars’ lives.”

The first ever children’s book by music legend Willie Nelson and his sister and bandmate Bobbie Nelson!

“We had so little money, but so much love.”

He was a boy with a guitar. She was a girl with a piano. Raised by loving grandparents in Depression-era rural Texas, their humble beginnings playing local shows to put food on the table started Willie and Bobbie Nelson on a remarkable path to global stardom. In a story filled with details of a childhood in rural Texas—with church socials, general stores, and town dances—Willie and Bobbie weave together an inspiring story of a long-ago time. With triumphs and tragedies, hard work and determination, here is a deeply personal, gorgeously-written, and profoundly moving tale of hope.

32 pages
All ages
November 2021

Doubleday Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9781984851833