Say hello to Authors for Parent & Family Engagement (APFE)!

We’re a unique collective of Central Texas authors who offer special family-focused presentations for Literacy Night events at Title I campuses, in addition to our regular school visits.

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In our careers as authors, we have created both fiction and nonfiction books for readers ranging from preschool to high school, and among us we have tons of teaching and presenting experience.

Our members include:

Chris Barton — author of Shark vs. Train, Whoosh! & many other books

Donna Janell Bowman — author of Wings of an Eagle, Step Right Up & more

Adrianna Cuevas — author of The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez, The Ghosts of Rancho Espanto & more

Varian Johnson — author of The Parker Inheritance, the graphic novel Twins & more

Don Tate — author/illustrator of numerous books including Jerry Changed The Game!

Jennifer Ziegler — author of Worser, the Brewster Triplets series & How Not to Be Popular

Through APFE, a school can include a celebrated author in the federally funded parent and family engagement (PFE) efforts of its campus’ or district’s Title I program to lift the performance of at-risk students.

Doing so can reinforce the support their teachers already provide to these students, as well as boost attendance at Family Nights and other PFE events.

Each of us in Authors for Parent & Family Engagement can encourage and inspire a love of reading and writing while modeling joy and success in our chosen profession and providing resources families can use at home.

These family-focused presentations offered during special evening events are distinct from our regular daytime school visits, and we work to tailor our Family Night presentations to meet the needs of each host school or district.

So, for your next Family Night, provide your entire school community an out-of-the-ordinary, attendance-boosting educational opportunity: meeting a real author!